Optimize for Google and get the same results on Bing?

Microsoft denies this until the bitter end. Google will accuse Microsoft of this until the bitter end.

What are they occusing each other over?

Bing is using search results from Google. It all started with just a small little snowball. Much like the Hatfield and McCoy’s something that starts small begins to make histroy. As it stated on the Google Blog, “It all started with tarsorrhaphy. Really.”


Search Engine Unoptimization? Microsoft's Bing uses Google search results.

In the optimization process obviously we, as in all of us, are looking at the same thing that all search engines look at, such as keywords, meta data, etc. However the difference Bing was touting was it had the intuitive element (anyone recall the Bing commercials) to help you become a better decision maker in planning a trip or making a purchase online.

Speaking of those commercials. They are now totally null and void. You can find the same results on each search engine obviously. Time for the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) to pull media spots and buys because there is going to be a whole slew of parody’s on YouTube.com – which is also owned by Google. Just in case you have been living under a rock.

Oh….it just occured to me. Information overload were the point of those commercials and Bing was the answer to these “information overload and irrelevant” search results.

Now I guess… they are the same results.


If you also look at some history you will also see that the brand position statement in Microsoft’s press release sets it on its own legs and clearly has a different online experience for the end user.

Don’t get me wrong Bing is important search engine to optimize for and use for ads, however I now realize that when you have your own term such as “google it” there is a good reason why you have it. You are clearly numero uno.