The Aviators TV Show


The Aviators is an award-winning weekly TV series featuring some of my favorite things; planes, technology and cute Embry-Riddle pilots. The Aviators came to Arizona to visit and film several locations across the state and they were not leaving without visiting the largest aviation and aerospace university in the world.

The program airs on broadcast television with a weekly US audience of over 9.3 million in almost 3.6 million TV households which means great branding, a great story and most important of all our students getting to know our school and programs. In the United States, The Aviators has aired on almost 85% of PBS stations across the country – numbers equaling PBS’ best network programs.

The series airs in Canada over a dozen times a week on Discover’s Travel+Escape and is one of the network’s top rated shows. The Aviators is also an incredible international hit already airing in over 100 countries mainly on Discovery Channel.

So, with that said this is a super popular program that is seen by millions and I am really proud to be a part of it.

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